Outdoor Rock Climbing Trip

We organize trips for beginners, amateurs, and professionals to get a thrilling experience of climbing on a real rock out there in nature. You will learn easy, medium, and hard climbs.

Winter Camp

There are extensive bouldering classes we organize from November until January every year. Our rope climbing professional will be here to guide you on rope climbing, rope handling, and anchor setting.

Summer Camp

Beat the heat of 2019 by joining our summer camp! You are welcome to learn the basics of rope climbing, the motions of the rope, and the use of climbing equipment.

Yoga Workshops

As a climber, it is equally important to remain mentally focused as much as to remain physically mindful. This workshop will train you for conscious movement skills required in climbing. You need no experience, rope, or partner here.

Climbing Competitions

At different intervals in a year, we organize climbing events so that the enthusiasts can taste the excitement of competition. We also encourage anyone who is willing to facilitate any climbing contests.