Private Class

Provision of basic/advanced climbing lessons indoors by a qualified instructor/climbing belayer and rental gears included.

You will learn general information regarding variation of climbing techniques, safety knots and safety hazards during the lesson.

Private Classes:
  1. Basic Climbing Lesson: RS. 6,000 (1 WEEK)
  • Warm-up and stretching tips
  • Introduction to climbing: Basic Climbing lessons in Top-Rope & Bouldering Wall
  • Technical Climbing and Footwork movements
  • Different Grip Position
  • Safety lesson: Safety knots, Use of safety gears, Belaying tips, injury prevention tips.
  1. Advanced Climbing Lesson: RS. 8,000 (1 WEEK)
  • Introductory lead Climbing:
    • Climbing in over-hang walls
    • Clipping technique & lead Belay
  • Bouldering Lessons:
    • Different Grip Position
    • Improving levels by climbing different route grades
    • Endurance and power training
    • Technical movements
    • Strength training
  • Speed Climbing:
    • Physical training
    • Practice speed climbing sequence
    • Improve speed time
    • Upper Body Training
    • Physical Exercise
    • Strength Training

We organize private classes hourly or a one-week full course, Please contact for more details.